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Design Responsive Web Page

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Page ranking by providing relative content

Simple steps for good page rank with search engines

Relevant Content
Page names, meta tag content for description and keywords should be chosen carefully.
Search engines look at Web Sites for content. If you want search terms to work, the page shall include informative content for the topic.
Unique Content
Depending on topic, there will be hundreds if not thousands other sites trying to say the same thing. Take time to be creative, good information can provide links from other sites.
Check Spelling
Google spell checks search terms automatically. Correct spelling improves page rank.
Image Text
Use alt tags. Search engines read text associated with images.
<img src="images/seo.jpg" alt ="image for search engine optimization" />
Fresh Content
Keeping content up to date can help many ways. Up to date content is of more interest and keeps readers reading longer and coming back. This is the goal for most Web Sites.