Last Updated:Friday, 24-Sep-2021 08:22:04 EDT

Simple Responsive Web Sites

Sample Sites

Sample Sites - Landscape ideas, how to, photos - Install, Repair Landscape lights - Paver calculator, How to install - Retaining wall calculator, How to install - Drainage Correction - Decorative Landscapes - Arbor Landscape - Twin Cities Landscapeing Web Site - Nutrition Information - Nutrition Information - Nutrition Information - Software support site for IonW-PLM home automation software - Bee Keeper

Fixed web sites have a set width, and resizing the browser or viewing it on different devices won’t affect on the way the web site looks. This can require horizontal scrolling and a site that doesn’t look good on tablets or smart phones.

Fluid web sites are built using percentages for widths. As a result, columns are relative to one another and the browser, allowing it to scale up and down fluidly.

Adaptive web sites introduce media queries to target specific device sizes, like smaller monitors, tablets, and mobile.

Responsive web sites are built on a fluid grid and use media queries to control the design and its content as it scales down or up with the browser or device.